Tokyo, Japan from Los Angeles for $615 Non-Stop on Delta

Visit Tokyo during the winter -spring months for a great price. Get some amazing sushi and beer for a great price. Typical fares are over $1000.  

Tokyo City Scene from Moyan Brenn (https://flic.kr/p/pQfk8T)

Tokyo City Scene from Moyan Brenn (https://flic.kr/p/pQfk8T)

  • Availability: December 2015–early May 2016.
  • Route: LAX-NRT / NRT-LAX
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  • Sample Dates: Feb 11 – Feb 21
  • Sample booking below:
Sample fare

Sample fare

Cathay Pacific Deal – US to Hong Kong with a free trip to Japan!


Basically if you are planning on going to Hong Kong or Japan you might as well take advantage of this deal. As cheap as $1150 for a trip to Hong Kong and Japan. Cathay Pacific is one of the world’s best airlines as well with service that is much better than any US carrier for around the same price. The food is actually edible in economy and the flight attendants are very professional and helpful. Get on this now as it won’t last long.

Book here: http://www.cathaypacific.com/cx/en_US/latest-offers/flights/deal-of-the-month.html?cm_mmc=SOCIAL-US-_-DOTM-USJP-09JUN14-_-FACEBOOK-_-XX&sf3232252=1&sf3232337=1

ANA Economy Class SFO-NRT Boeing 777-300

Some quick photos (and a mini review of sorts) from our recent flight on ANA’s fantastic economy class from SFO to NRT. Interesting seats that don’t recline but do slide out. Great service and food. Being primarily a United flyer due to their dominance of SFO it was a very refreshing change to take ANA since their in-flight service is so polished and product is much newer and nicer than most United planes. It is very nice not to have to deal with a airline whose CEO only knows how to cut costs and screw over customers (ala Jeff Smisek). 


ANA 777 Sitting at SFO International


Orderly boarding process with clear signs


ANA Sky Suites – Just passing by this time 🙂


ANA Business Class Bar Area


ANA Economy Seating


Flight Attendant Lightly Touching Each Bin to Ensure it Closed


Western Meal – Hamburger patty with cheese.


Japanese Fish and Soba


Unlimited French Wines!


Nice touch on the entertainment boxes – looks like nice French luggage.


View from the window.