Hong Kong

SF to Hong Kong for $565 on Asiana Airlines

San Francisco to Hong Kong for $565 Roundtrip including all taxes and fees on Asiana (a Star Alliance carrier). You can even select flights on their awesome Airbus 380s! Hong Kong is a great location to visit for a few days, a week or more, or use this flight as a cheap positioning flight for awesome tropical islands in Southeast Asia. 

Hong Kong Skyline

Hong Kong Skyline

  • Availability: November 2015, January – April 2016. Thursday – Sunday departures. 
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  • Sample Dates: March 31 – April 10
  • Sample booking below:
Sample Flight

Sample Flight

Hong Kong for $463 on United and Delta from San Francisco / Seattle / Portland



– Fare examples:

  • United from Portland to Hong Kong: $463
  • Delta from San Francisco to Hong Kong: $538
  • United from Seattle to Hong Kong: $538

– Fare Available: January 7th , 2015 – April 30th, 2015.

– Valid for Monday to Thursday departures. Must book at least 3 days in advance.


– Book HERE

Example of a $463 booking from Portland that is possible on Orbitz

$463 PDX-HKG

$463 PDX-HKG

Cathay Pacific Deal – US to Hong Kong with a free trip to Japan!


Basically if you are planning on going to Hong Kong or Japan you might as well take advantage of this deal. As cheap as $1150 for a trip to Hong Kong and Japan. Cathay Pacific is one of the world’s best airlines as well with service that is much better than any US carrier for around the same price. The food is actually edible in economy and the flight attendants are very professional and helpful. Get on this now as it won’t last long.

Book here: http://www.cathaypacific.com/cx/en_US/latest-offers/flights/deal-of-the-month.html?cm_mmc=SOCIAL-US-_-DOTM-USJP-09JUN14-_-FACEBOOK-_-XX&sf3232252=1&sf3232337=1

San Francisco to Hong Kong for $646 including all fees and taxes on Delta

Fanatics sale to Hong Kong. I have not seen prices this low since the early 2000s.


Fare Details:

– Good August 15 – December 9, 2014.

– Depart Mondays or Thursdays

– Purchase by May 23rd (but sale can end anytime)


– SFO – SEA (Seattle) – HKG – SEA – SFO


– 2014: 14,336 miles or 4.5 cents per mile

– 2015:  2,785 miles or a difference of 11,051 miles

How to book:

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