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Jetblue TrueBlue Mosaic Status Match and Challenge

Jetblue TrueBlue Mosaic Challenge

Jetblue TrueBlue Mosaic Challenge

Why I signed up! 

Since I have both Southwest A-List Preferred and Companion Pass (see why the SW Companion Pass it THE BEST perk you can get on any U.S. Airline HERE) this is a no brainer. All I have to do is e-mail them proof of my status and I will have Jetblue Mosaic through the end of 2014. If I can meet the challenge, which is basically spend $1250 USD on Jetblue flights during the challenge period I will get it through 2015. Note: although Jetblue’s website says you earn 6x points for each $1 spent on, only 3x points count towards your base points which qualify for this challenge.

Benefits of Mosaic Status ?

Of all the benefits below I think that the no change or cancellations fees is a huge benefit and makes Jetblue more like flying with Southwest. For reference most legacy airlines like United, American and Delta charge up to $200 to change or cancel a flight and that is often more than your ticket will cost. The extra 3 points per dollar is a nice perk as well. I don’t need Even More Speed as I have TSA Precheck, but it will be nice if PreCheck doesn’t apply to a flight.

The only disappointing thing is that you don’t get upgrades to Even More Legroom for free as you have to pay for those with $ or points, however on Jetblue a regular seat has 34 inches 34 inches of pitch (vs. typical of 31 in United, American and Delta) and their Even More Room is 38 inches (vs 35-36 on premium economy on United, American or Delta) so you are basically flying a premium seat anyways.

Dedicated Customer Support line doesn’t sound like a great perk, but trust me – it is a lifesaver when the shit hits the fan. During really bad weather and delays having a dedicated number and priority support is often the difference between being able to get on the next flight or getting stuck for days in a random city. Also you won’t lose all your hair getting the runaround from poorly trained customer service agents (knock on wood!).

Be fee free

JetBlue change and cancellation fees will be waived for Mosaic members and others on their itinerary.

Earn fast

Earn 15,000 bonus points immediately upon qualifying for 2015 Mosaic status.

Even More® Space

Stretch out and relax by redeeming your points for an Even More Space seat.

Even More® Speed

Cut down on the time it takes to get to your gate with complimentary access to an expedited security line.

Early boarding

Be among the first to board and get early access to overhead bin space.

Bonus points

Earn an additional 3 TrueBlue points per dollar on your JetBlue flight, for a total of up to 9 points per dollar if you book on

1st and 2nd bag free

Now when you fly, you and others on your itinerary can check both the first and second bags for free.

Dedicated Customer Service Line

Access to a dedicated Customer Service Line available 24/7.


Challenge Summary:
Enroll before April 18 2014. Once you’ve been accepted, your 90-Day Challenge begins. If you succeed in earning 3,750 base flight points within the 90 days, you will keep Mosaic status thru 2015. (Base flight points are the 3 points per $1 spent on the base fare of a JetBlue flight)

Status Match:
Don’t want to wait 90 days to earn Mosaic? Current frequent flyers can immediately be promoted to Mosaic for the remainder of 2014 thru the offered status match. (Mosaic thru 2015 is still earned by completing the challenge) Status match applies to
Alaska: MVP Gold or MVP Gold 75k
AA: Platinum or Executive Platinum
Delta: Gold, Platinum or Diamond
Southwest: A-List Preferred or Companion Pass
United: Premier Gold, Platinum or Premier1K
US Airways: Gold, Platinum or Chairman

How to enroll:
Simply sign up for the challenge by emailing with your Name/TrueBlue#. Include proof of ff status if you want the status match.

Happy flying!