San Francisco to Stockholm for $381 Roundtrip including all taxes and fees!


Stockholm – From Flickr user Abhimanyu ( under Creative Commons License.

When Norwegian Airlines first started their dreamliner flights from the San Francisco Bay Area to Stockholm and Oslo everyone thought that $500-600 was a great deal. Well now you can get a non-stop flight from San Francisco (Oakland) to Stockholm (ARN) for only $381 roundtrip! For less than the price of going to Las Vegas or New York you can travel halfway around the world and experience one of the coolest cities in the world.

Example of a flight booking for $381. Other dates include quick weekend trips. Good for travel November 2014 – April 2015. Sample dates: Nov 28-Dec 5, Jan 16-19, Jan 16-23, Jan 30-Feb 6, Feb 13-23, March 13-20 and more! Use to check dates and fares and then book on See example booking below:

$381! Are you out of your mind?

$381! Are you out of your mind?

Norwegian charges extra for things like: check-in luggage, advance seat reservations, on board meals, blankets and headphones. But overall other legacy carriers charge around $800-1200 for a “good deal” to get to Stockholm so you are still saving a ton of money. I would recommend you bring your own food since its much cheaper than the $40 each way they charge you.

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