Emirates First Class: $21,517 Roundtrip for only $3400!

Love travelling? Don’t mind playing the miles game? Here is a great deal for you. Fly Emirates First Class from DFW to Cape Town, South Africa for only $3,400 vs. the $21,517 published roundtrip rate. You can even get a free overnight in Dubai with limo service and 5 star hotel accommodations (LINK).  How? Read on! 

Private enclosed Suites, On board showers and bars!

Private enclosed Suites, On board showers and bars!

Normal First Class Fare

Normal First Class Fare

How to get this amazing deal:

Alaska Airlines shopping portal (LINK) has a promotion that gives you 9 miles per dollar (9miles/$1) for Sears purchases. That means if you spend $1,000 on Sears you will get 9,000 Alaska Miles (plus 1000 miles if you have the Alaska Credit Card) for a total of 10,000 miles for a $1,000 spend. You can buy physical gift cards and still get the 9miles/$1 and then double dip by getting another 9miles/$1 when you spend the gift card funds for 18miles/$1. 

Alaska is a Emirates partner airline and you can spend miles on a 1:1 basis – see award redemption chart below. 

Mileage Redemption Chart

Mileage Redemption Chart

You basically need 200,000 miles for a first class roundtrip. That means you need to buy $18,000 worth of Sears gift cards which will net you 200,000 miles if you have an alaska airlines credit card. You can then sell those same gift cards online at a merchant like Cardpool (LINK) for $830 for every $1,000. That means for every $10,000 in gift cards you are taking a $1700 loss, but ending up with 100,000 miles. Make that $20,000 and you just “paid” $3,400 for 200,000 miles. 

You now have enough miles for your $21,517 First Class roundtrip on Emirates but only paid $3,400 for it. Even better if you keep the Sears/Kmart gift cards. 

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