United Changes MileagePlus Program to Revenue Base

After this year’s huge devaluation (http://thepointsguy.com/2014/01/get-your-tickets-now-last-day-before-the-united-devaluation-and-everything-you-need-to-know/) I was hoping United would keep the MP program the same for at least another year or two. No such luck. In addition to removing IFE from many planes and having Wi-Fi that almost never works United has decided it would be a good time to impose another terrible change for frequent fliers. Now instead of earning the miles you flew you will earn miles based upon how much you spend with United on tickets (no taxes or fees included) multiplied by your elite status. The full change can be found here: http://mileageplusupdates.com/ 

Basically the breakdown is this:

General members: 5 miles per dollar
Silver Premier: 7 miles per dollar
Gold Premier: 8 miles per dollar
Platinum Premier: 9 miles per dollar
1k: 11 miles per dollar: 11 miles per dollar

This is bad for most fliers unless you are flying mostly business fares or last minute expensive fares on short routes. There is no more bonus for cabin of service (e.g. 150-175% more miles for business/first class). You don’t earn miles if you pay extra for things like United Economy Plus etc. 

Ugh …

Why would anyone continue to fly United? I certainly won’t be loyal to them anymore. Just look at the photos below comparing a United vs. American domestic first class meal. HT to SFO777 over on flyertalk.  


United’s “meal” of bland frozen burrito and inedible “mushroom” soup.


American’s herb crusted chicken with fresh veggies and shrimp cocktail.

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