Our Holiday Vacation Part 2 – Bolton’s & Indigo Hotel

Bolton’s Spicy Chicken

How can something be spicy enough to make you cry, yet so tasty you can’t stop eating? I don’t know the answer but the chef’s at Bolton’s Spicy Chicken do. I chose mild and my brave hubby chose medium. Extra napkins were needed all around. He got sweaty. I got teary. A couple of things I wish I had known before ordering. 1 – you can order the chicken with no spice. Don’t be fooled mild is still really spicy 2 – the sides we ordered, green beans and spaghetti, were spicy too so no relief there.

The chicken was so perfectly fried. When it was suggested that I peel off the skin which was red with spice, I refused because I couldn’t part with the crispy, tasty skin. It complimented the juicy chicken in the comforting way you expect from soul food. By the end I needed to alternate bites drenched with ranch dressing, mouthfuls of lemonade or big bites of the white bread.

Even though the sides were nothing special when chicken that makes you cry yet has you craving it later, that’s worth a visit on its own.

624 Main St
Nashville, TN 37206


Honorable mentions – if we’re ever back in Nashville these will be next on the list for spicy chicken

Indigo Hotel11510130414_222fc4912e_c

It looked so nice. It had so much potential. Sadly, it was so bad that we had to find another hotel. It’s in an old building but the common areas on the first floor have been updated. The lobby was inviting with a cozy den/library space complete with a Christmas tree for the holiday season. We were allowed to check-in early and even received an “upgrade.” If we weren’t specifically told that we can been upgraded to a corner room, we wouldn’t have known.

We noticed right away that there was n11510110094_233f78e1ef_co carpet. The floor was linoleum. It seemed odd but the rest of the room looked nice so we settled in. Evening came and we could hear the TV next door so we turned ours on as well. It was a bit drafty so we turned up the heat.  There was a severe weather warning. Being from California, this was our first near tornado experience and we were easily distracted by sirens, sheets of water banging against the window and the howling wind. Turning up the heat didn’t help so that night I slept with my down jacket and long johns.

11510095864_8db4612c49_cMorning came early and in the form of high heels. 7AM and it wouldn’t stop. After 30 minutes I tried calling the front desk but they said there was nothing they could do since there was no one in any of the rooms next to us. When it continued for another 20 min I called again. When he reiterated that there as nothing he could do,  I told the gentleman on the phone that he was wrong, I’d be checking out early and he could ensure that I wouldn’t be charged a fee. Not sure if it helped or hurt that I was really cranky but he agreed.

The Indigo may have gotten us through our first near tornado experience safely but robbing me of my chance to sleep in during vacation is unforgivable.

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